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Welcome to the
Heart of Lumi

You are LoveAll else is a distortion of this Truth.

At the heart of Lumi's teachings lies a profound understanding of two universal truths: Love and Presence.

By embracing these universal truths, we tap into our innate potential to co-create with the universe and live authentically. Through practices that cultivate Love and Presence,  we can awaken to our True Nature and experience a profound sense of fulfillment and interconnectedness with all of existence.

 "Deciding to walk the path of Love takes great courage, requiring us to expand our heart to include all beings starting with ourselves." - Lumi

In essence, Lumi's teachings invite us to journey inward, to the depths of our souls, where Love and Presence reside, waiting to be uncovered and embodied. Through this journey, we harness their transformative power, guiding us towards a life of sovereignty, purpose, and spiritual fulfillment.

Lumi offers a multi-dimensional approach to mentorship.  Through practices of Presence, such as Sacred Tea, Silence, Meditation, Mantra, and Prayer, Lumi opens the doorway to the Eternal Now.  This is the access the point where You and God meet. From this place you have the opportunity to re-write your story, see life through the lens of your Highest Self, and do lasting healing work.    Anchored in the truths of  Love and Presence, Lumi provides compassionate, mirror deep reflections for you to shift at foundation-deep levels of your life.
















Are you ready Live Free, Return to Love, and Live in Alignment with your Soul's highest expression? If you're feeling a YES, then let's connect.

This may be a good time to start Mentorship with Lumi if:


    You have gone to many spiritual retreats, ceremonies, and women's circles yet are having trouble integrating the insights and downloads into your everyday life.

       You have been feeling anxious or depressed and suspect underlying fears are holding you back from your True potential.

        You have been checking-out on Social Media, Netflix, ice cream, you name it, and are ready to let go of shame, course correct and practice Conscious Living.

  You have been feeling nervous system overwhelm, exhaustion, and/or depleted with work/life and are wanting to step into your Creative potential.       

      You are feeling that you're that spiritual life has plateaued and you ready to go deeper but are unsure on how to move forward. 

        You are ready to be Sovereign, capable of holding space for yourself and others. 


Meet Amelia

 About   Lumi

Spiritual Director, Tea Ceremonialist, Mystic, 
Pilgrim, Poet

Living as a modern day mystic, Lumi has devoted herself to the practices and teachings of saints, ecstatics and spiritual traditions throughout the ages.  Her multi-faith background creates a bridge for others to cross over from finite places of fear into the vast, open expanses of the heart.  Her teachings on Love and Presence are the foundation of her personal and professional practice.  


Utilizing her gifts as a clairaudient and clairvoyant, Lumi is able to get straight to the heart of the matter and guide her clients to a place of Greater Awareness, Truth, Love and Peace.


To learn more about Lumi click below.

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"I have felt seen and supported by Lumi's deep intuition and ever expanding love.  She has helped me shine light on hidden aspects, look at things from new perspectives, and has given me tools to use on my journey."

— Alli E.

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